The World is on a timeout, now we can use this time to reset.

Over the last few years we have been reading about the effects of modern life on our children’s mental health. 
Where, as a society have we gone wrong? Life is never all FUN, we all have our ups & downs. But when young people are self harming, eating disorders, anxiety, depression & suicide are on the rise. We need look at Mental Health in the same way as we look at the Physical Health of our children. We need to start young, explain to our children its ok to feel bored, sad, worried etc and help them with these feelings.
The 🌍 is on a timeout, now we can use this time to reset.
We have re-evaluated our values, we know what and who is important to us, what we can manage without. As a society we are valuing professions we didn’t before.
We see everyday examples of the virtues of Caring, Courage, Generosity, Helpfulness, Kindness, Patience, Thankfulness and Tolerance. When you smile😊 at someone they smile😊 back, and maybe they will smile😊 at the next person they meet, so proving that smiling😊 is Contagious. 
We have taken time to get to know our neighbours, to make connections in our Community and to lookout for each other. 
Life has slowed down and before we speed up again, we can use this time to build in strategies to help children to be resilient. Take the time to find what works for your child, whether that is exercise, mindfulness, meditation, a chat with friends or even a treat. There has been a lot of research and the quality of sleep is very important, eating the right things can help, reducing salt and sugary items, pets and time outdoors can all help.
It is easy to combine some of these activities
eg walking a dog = exercise + pet + outdoors
Play is a great way for children to work through problems or have timeout away from them. #childhoodunplugged
Last thought
Watching the film “Wonder”
“If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind." This quote by Dr. Dyer, introduced as a precept by Mr. Browne, on the first day of school for Auggie ❤❤❤


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